Our Club has remained viable throughout the year 2017-18 especially "off the Green". There is no reason to think that we cannot progress further for the coming year.

My congratulations to all members on the Committee of Management team for the hard work you contributed over the year. We had some new personnel on the Committee this year and the way they worked for the betterment of the Club together with members re-elected certainly kept our Club on track.

The Winners & Runners-Up in all the Club competitions are to be congratulated on hard earned wins throughout and with a number of new members over the year, these competitions will only be harder to win.

A big thank you to the arduous task that both Saturday & Tuesday Match Committees performed. At times some tough decisions had to be made and the decision to "drop" our Sat. Division 7 team halfway through the season was a bitter pill to swallow. However it gave the Club an opportunity to play some newer members in our Div. 2 & 5 sides. A good learning experience. I must thank those members who did not intend to play Pennant this year but to help the Club out "rolled up their sleeves" when we were short of players.

At this stage I would like to congratulate everyone who has been re-elected to a position and to those who are undertaking a Club position for the first time. Those members who were nominated but not elected thank you for your nomination, there is always next time. I must mention the extremely hard work and effort made by Wendy Pownall as our Membership Officer. Her dedication to the position certainly paid dividends for the Club with our membership increasing. I understand the reasons behind Wendy not standing for re-election.

One final thank you to the Members who supported me as President for the past year. It has been an honour and privilege to serve the Club in this role.


Yours Sincerely
Bryan Walker {Pres.} 

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