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President                                                                    Bryan Walker

Vice Presidents                                                          Pauline Gray,  Gerry Fuller

Secretary, CCO                                                          Rex Alexander

Treasurer                                                                    Mary Crynes

​Commitee of Management                                        Ray Brown, George Crynes, Noel Speight, Wendy Pownall,

                                                                                     Julie Walker, Lindsey Wealands,


Saturday Match Committee                                       John Dale, Gerry Fuller, Brad King, Noel Speight, Jill Roissetter,
                                                                                      Margaret Royle, Bryan Walker.

Tuesday Match Committee                                        Margo Dillon, Pauline Gray, Mary Masters, Jill Roissetter,
                                                                                     Julie Walker

Grants Officer                                                             Lois Mahomed

                                                                                     Assistant         Ray Brown


Bar Manager                                                                George Crynes
                                                                                      Assistant        Peter Dillon

Greens & Surrounds Committee                               John Dale, Noel Speight, Lindsay Wealands {Director}

Friday Triples                                                              Noel Speight

                                                                                     Assistant         Gerry Fuller

Publicity                                                                       Rex Alexander                                   

Township Committee Delegate                                  Noel Speight  

Sponsorship Officer                                                   George Crynes                      

Auditor                                                                         Rex Alexander

PBD & Bowls Vic Delegates                                       Rex Alexander, Peter Stevens

Provedore                                                                     Julie Walker

                                                                                       Assistant         Bill Files

Membership Officer                                                     Wendy Pownall









Rex Alexander

Lindsay Wealands

Pauline O'Brien

Norm Threadgold

Peter Stevens

Ray Brown

Life Members 

Ray Brown

Evelyn Calder

A. Walker                                              3 times

M. Gray                                                 1 time

J. Richards                                           1 time

D. Evans                                                3 times

R. Broadbent                                            3 times

B. McNulty                                                1 time



Champion of Champions (Assoc. & Region)

M. Masters                                           3 times

J. Mortimer                                          3 times

S. Threadgold                                      3 times

E. Calder                                              5 times

F. Alexander                                         4 times

W. Ashby                                              3 times

J. Richards                                           4 times

B. McNulty                                                3 times

G. Hobson                                                4 times

D. Evans                                              8 times

A. Walker                                           11 times

M. Rowswell                                              5 times



R. Broadbent                                          12 times

R. Ingram                                                  5 times

Club History in pictures 1956 - Today

# Season 2004-05 - Ladies section joined Peninsula Bowling Association after West Gippsland Association disbanded.

# Season 2003-04 - Koo Wee Rup Green officially named Broadbent Green in recognition of the work of Ben and Bron Broadbent for the Koo Wee Rup Club.

# Season 2001-02 - Men's section joined Peninsula Bowling Association after West Gippsland Association disbanded.


# September 1996 - Koo Wee Rup green voted "Best" in West Gippsland Bowls Association.

# 1996-97 - West Gippsland Bowls Association Pennant Grand Final held at Koo Wee Rup.

# 1984 - Koo Wee Rup green used for West Gippsland Ladies Pairs Finals.

# Season 1986-87 - First Men's Triples competition began and is still running fortnightly at the club to the present day.

# Season 1982-83 - First Twilight Bowls competition in conjunction with the KWR Potato Festival.


# August 1993 - First discussions on changing to a synthetic green.

# Season 1977-78 Ann Walker represented Victoria and is the only member of the club to do so up til the present day.

# May 1980 - Grant from Shire of Cranbourne to erect shelters around the green.




# July1968 - Original clubhouse demolished.  Work on new clubhouse commenced.

# August 1960 - West Gippsland Ladies Bowling Association formed.  Koo Wee Rup was an inaugural member.

# May 1967 - Koo Wee Rup and Lang Lang Clubs fund raising competition for charity (KWR hospital 1st recipient).  Now held on Melbourne Cup Day.

# 30 January 1960 - 1st Annual Australia Day Tournament.


# 25 Jan 1956 - INAUGURAL MEETING (16 men attended)

# 17 April 1957 - Ladies Section of Club formed.

# November 1958 - Original Clubhouse officially opened.

# 24 April 1956 - 1st AGM. KWR joins West Gippsland BA.

# 5 February 1958 - 1st Opening Day of the Club (see article).

Committee Meeting 20 June 2013

Guests from Bowlsvic and PBD at the 50 year Anniversary celebrations (2006).



Celebration Cake 50 years

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# 2011 - Laying of synthetic green. (See photo line marking)

Max Calder

Rosemary Read

Rex Alexander

* Denotes deceased

*W. Pollock                                                   *B. Broadbent                                 *J. Shelton                                                                           *E. Holley                                             *B. Broadbent (Mrs)                                                        *N. Lambeth,

*W. Ashby (Mrs)                                               *H. Alexander                     

 *B. McNulty                                                                         *S. Threadgold (Mrs)
 * F. Alexander (Mrs)