Did you know?

KWR Member Brett Condron now runs his own small business.

Brett is a qualified carpenter with 20+ years of experience.  He is experienced in:

  • Decks
  • Home Improvements
  • Staircases
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Tiling

Brett says - "No job too small"

Phone - 0417 534 166      chilon@bigpond.com

The other visitor was Mother Nature herself.

While many of us stayed inside last week during the hail storm, some hardy members visited the club to make sure damages were minimal and that the integrity of the building and surrounds was maintained. 

During the visit, the photos taken show

the extent of the hailstorm.  Some minor

damage has been sustained to the

guttering on the green side due to the

weight of the ice on the roof.  Minor repair

works will be sufficient to rectify

this damage.

What's up at Koo Wee Rup?

Local news for members.

Please send photos or items of interest to Laurie Bell  laurie@futurebytes.com.au

Embroidery on shirts, jackets etc for Club Members.

Did you know that the wife of one of our members can expertly and economically embroider club shirts, jackets etc with your name?

Gerry Fuller's wife, Madaliene (Maddi) can also take up your trousers, jeans, tracksuits etc to suit.  Call Maddi to discuss your needs.

Mobile - 0429 944 512

Home - (03) 5997 1069 

  Bowling items

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We found Lindsay in the garden doing what he loves. Lindsay has turned Koo Wee Rup into what is arguably the best surround to a Bowling Green anywhere.

We don't say it enough, but we do appreciate all the hard work and love you put into the gardens Lindsay. 

Thank You.

During the last few weeks nature has visited our club on a couple of occasions.

The first visitor was local fauna. 

He/she obviously 'loved' the work

of our Greenkeeper, Lindsay, and

the plastic snakes and garden

frogs only added to the appeal of

the visit.

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I would like to offer our club Members and Families the opportunity to have their house carpets cleaned at a reduced rate, they are welcome to phone me for a quote or any enquiries they may have.

As many of you know already, I am offering a massage service for ladies and men every Monday.  A list will be displayed on the notice board.  If members would like a massage, they just put their name on the list with their preferred time slot.

Kind regards

Steve Payne              0419 967 133